But first… What’s Cubieez?

Cubieez comes from “Cubieboard + Wheezy” because initially Cubieez was built for Cubieboard A10, using a Debian 7.1 Wheezy root filesystem. I started as a personal project after doing some distro mods.

My target was to create a new Debian flavored distribution for the Cubieboard community, because all other distro were based on Ubuntu.

Today Cubieez is available for all Cubieboard revisions (A10, A20, A20 dual card and Cubietruck) and a new version, built from scratch and based on Debian Jessie, for Raspberry Pi 2.


Based on Debian 8 Jessie, official repositories


Mate Desktop Environment Core


Less than 600MB of download

What’s the lastest version?

Currently version 2.X for A20 devices (Wheezy) and 2015-09-30 for Raspberry Pi 2 (Jessie).

Some screenshots


What features are included?

All past and current versions of Cubieez are specially built from scratch for ARM with Hardfloat support (ARMHF), 2D and 3D video acceleration for MALI GPU, lightweight and eye candy environment (LXDE for old releases and MATE for newer ones), compiling tools, sunxi sources for sunxi-tools, fbturbo, lots of devices supported, user friendly and much more.

For Raspberry Pi 2 there’s no accelerated desktop environment yet (X11), but video acceleration is fully supported with omxplayer and TBOPlayer (omxplaer GUI). 1080p videos can be played smoothly and even Kodi can be installed from third party repositories with a really great performance.

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